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Streaming Video

Available to technicians 24/7 is a Web Video Library that can be launched directly from the Main Menu on the GM Training Website Homepage With just a couple of clicks, the easy-to-use streaming video interface helps users to find the training content they need by keyword search, when they need it. It's an on-demand knowledge resource.

This tool can be used to learn or recall specific details on a subject. The technical area contains a search function. With the search capability, simply typing in a keyword will pull up all instances of that reference in the database and allows users to jump right to that part of the video.

To begin, use the following steps:

Log on to the GM Training Website (


  • From the Menu, click Web Video Library
  • Select Technical

The search page will then appear; this is where a list of the available video programs can be launched. A search can be done for specific content from the parameters in the left window.

If you have any questions, please contact the GM Training Help Desk at 888-748-2687, or visit the GM Training Website (

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Page Last Updated May 13, 2008